Nadcap Training

Nadcap training launches the process of opening doors to a whole new world of business and revenue opportunities in the aerospace industry. It is a mandatory prerequisite that is well worth the effort in order to become an approved Nadcap supplier eligible to contract with prime aerospace contractors. It is also a specialized process — one that requires expert knowledge and detailed working experience with AC7108 criteria and guidelines.

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“Thank you very much for all your hard work, patience and friendship. It has been an absolute pleasure to have you become a part of my team. Your assistance, hard work and unrivalled knowledge made our achieving NADCAP accreditation all the easier and I can honestly say that without you being a part of the program we would have struggled to get there.”

Anthony Cook
Director, Electromold
Victoria, Australia

Nadcap Training – Why choose CPS?

Are you looking for the best Nadcap training you can get for your company? The Nadcap certification program is a challenging, long and laborious process. It requires hundreds of man-hours and an inside knowledge about the Nadcap audit process and how it works. When you engage us as your Nadcap certification specialist, we’re there every step of the way with you to successfully guide you through the Nadcap process. We provide top flight Nadcap training. More than 100 companies have selected us as their professional choice for Nadcap training. We’ve delivered for all of them.

Here are just a few reasons why companies choose us for their Nadcap training:

  • Specialist advantage. We specialize in Nadcap training, Nadcap certification and Nadcap audits.
  • Experience advantage. With over 35 years in the aerospace industry and more than 400 successful Nadcap audits, CPS has the kind of in depth Nadcap training expertise you want guiding your company through this challenging process.
  • Success advantage. With our specialized Nadcap training and accreditation process we have achieved a 100% client success rate to date.
  • Quality advantage. We adhere to the highest standards of Nadcap quality performance.
  • Turnkey advantage. We provide you with a comprehensive turnkey Nadcap training program to guide your company through the full Nadcap accreditation process – from day one to the day you receive full Nadcap certification.
  • To make it even easier for you, we provide all required Nadcap training and processor certification documents.
  • Customized Nadcap training advantage. We develop Nadcap training programs tailored to your company’s unique needs. Each Nadcap training program is designed specifically to enable you to become an accredited Nadcap approved supplier.
  • Minimum downtime advantage. By taking advantage of our expertise and using us as your Nadcap consultants, you minimize internal downtime and you free up your staff to continue to be dedicated to the essential day-to-day operations of your facility.
  • Hands-on advantage. Our seasoned, hands-on training and knowledge make the Nadcap certification process easier for all involved.
  • Flexibility advantage. We offer a range of Nadcap training options that can fit any budget.
  • Attention advantage. How is our Nadcap training different from other companies? Focus, attention to detail and attention to you, the customer. With CPS, you will have the owner-operator involved in every aspect of your Nadcap training and Nadcap certification process.
  • Peace of mind advantage. We provide everything you need — especially peace of mind.

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Nadcap Training Services Performed by CPS:

  • Management Responsibility
  • Quality Planning and Implementation
  • Contract Review
  • Document and Data Control
  • Purchasing
  • Control of Customer Supplied Product
  • Product Identification and Traceability
  • Process Control-Work Orders
  • Foreign Object Damage Control
  • Tooling Control
  • Process Equipment Control and Maintenance Cleaning
  • Masking
  • Stripping
  • Receiving Inspection
  • First Article Inspection
  • In-Process Inspection
  • Final Inspection
  • Document Review
  • Testing Control
  • Control of Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment
  • Inspection and Test Status
  • Control of Nonconforming Product
  • Control and Customer Notification of Suspect Product
  • Corrective and Preventive Action
  • Control Environment and Safety
  • Control of Quality Record
  • Internal Quality Assessments
  • Employee Training
  • Statistical Control
  • Continual Improvement
  • Plating, Anodizing, and Painting

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