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Demonstrating our 100% success rate, our Nadcap specialists guarantee a budget friendly, successful, Nadcap audit, and turnkey customized Nadcap program by on-site consulting, and tailored Nadcap training through comprehensive integration of Nadcap criteria.

Are you a company seeking certification as a Nadcap approved supplier so that you can subcontract with prime contractors in the aerospace industry?

Are you looking for expert Nadcap consultants to help you tackle your Nadcap audit and Nadcap accreditation challenges so you can become Nadcap certified? If you are, you’re exactly in the right place. Call us at 805-890-7243.

We can help you. With over 400 successful Nadcap audits backed by more than 35 years in the aerospace industry, we have the in depth Nadcap consulting expertise and knowledge of Nadcap standards to deliver solutions tailored to your unique needs and Nadcap requirements — everything from Nadcap training and Nadcap audits to Nadcap accreditation and approval as a Nadcap supplier.

We specialize in everything Nadcap. With a 100% client success rate to date, we help facilitate the Nadcap accreditation process, alleviating your burden. We provide everything you need — especially peace of mind.

“Thank you for all your help preparing for our Chemical Processing NADCAP audit in July. Your quick response and flexibility was appreciated. Giving up your 4th of July Holiday weekend with your family was a sacrifice not many are willing to make. We were all impressed with your knowledge in our processes as well as AC 7108 requirements.”

Kimberly King,
Vice President
Weatherford Aerospace,

Chemical Processing Services (CPS) is a Nadcap consulting firm that offers our clients concise, professional, and reputable assistance before, during, and after a Nadcap audit. With more than 3 decades of on-the-job experience, CPS can transform companies for optimal performance. CPS has a foundation based in continual business improvement that can deliver results for companies worldwide, large or small.

CPS can perform organizational, procedural, and technical Nadcap requirements for a Nadcap audit that will not only benefit a client’s audit, but all future operations as well. Industry standards frequently change and CPS will construct detailed processing systems that are easily adaptable.

CPS head Nadcap consultant Robert Kuklenski has stood hundreds of audits, with a 100% success rate. Here at CPS, not only will we be able to help in any situation at hand, we will guarantee success and notaccept failure.

What Sets Us Apart as Nadcap Consultants

Nadcap accreditation can be a daunting task for any company but CPS can help take that pressure away. CPS specializes in training companies for a successful Nadcap audit through expert industry training, hands-on technical assistance, personalized owner-operated attention and customization of the Nadcap audit training to fit your company’s unique Nadcap training needs.

Unlike other Nadcap consulants, CPS is family-owned andoperated. The owner himself will stand the Nadcap audit and guarantee a 100% successful Nadcap audit with billing rates that fit any budget. CPS can take on any demands a customer may need; no matter what it may be, we can prepare you for the Nadcap audit.

Upon hiring CPS, your company can rest assured that your Nadcap audit will proceed smoothly and will be completed the first time, the right way.

Reasons why companies from around the globe choose CPS:

  • CPS specializes in Nadcap training and Nadcap audits
  • Over 35 years of seasoned experience in the aerospace industry
  • Guaranteed success
  • Nadcap audit training programs are customized to your company’s needs
  • 100% success rate
  • Nadcap training programs are available to companies around the world – from Australia to China
  • Rapid response
  • Minimal staff interruptions
  • Peace of mind
  • Turnkey
  • Owner-operated
  • Customized procedures
  • Billing rates that fit your budget
  • Customized document development
  • Professional Nadcap training of your staff
  • Internal Nadcap audit to provide a smooth pass rate
  • Ability to pass on “Processing and Painting” expertise
  • Nadcap consulant expertise for the full range of Nadcap requirements

Over 35 years in the aerospace industry has given CPS the ability to pass on valuable technical “Processing and Painting” knowledge. Through strategic and concise integration of Nadcap requirements and Nadcap training we can guarantee 100% success so that your company can join the ranks of Nadcap approved suppliers that we have assisted. Hundreds of clients across the globe have been satisfied by our 100% promise of success. It’s our goal to be your first choice among Nadcap consultants.

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